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12 November 2020

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Google Photos, Jeremy Snell, Japanese-American photographers, Jesse Diamond, Alan Schaller, M1 MacBooks, the M1's unified memory, Canon Webcam software, NASA photographers, new voices contest and Mitch Goldstone.

  • Google Photos has evolved its storage policy. "Starting June 1, 2021, all new photos and videos backed up in High quality will count toward the free 15-GB of storage that comes with your Google Account or any additional storage you may have purchased, the same way other Google services like Google Drive and Gmail already do."
  • Stephanie Wade presents images from Brooklyn-based photographer Jeremy Snell's series Boys of Volta, winner of The Portrait of Humanity prize.
  • In the podcast Japanese American Photographers in 20th-Century LA Virginia Heckert, curator in Getty's Department of Photographs, discusses the recent acquisitions of 79 photographs by Japanese Americans from the Dennis Reed collection as well as 75 additional photographs from the families of these artists.
  • After Hours is a monochromatic series taken at night by Jesse Diamond "about healing and growth." His own. "I was getting a divorce and was sorting through all the emotions that come with it," he says. "The lack of sleep and heightened creative drive led me to wander the streets with my camera."
  • Alan Schaller talks about his rainy-day shot of The Four Giacomettis. "I had just been to an exhibition of the Swiss sculptor Alberto Giacometti's work at Tate Modern and was feeling quite inspired," he says.
  • John Voorhees provides a brief over view of The M1 MacBook Air and 13-Inch MacBook Pro after their introduction yesterday. They share the same 5-nanometer M1 chip with 8-core CPUs and GPUs plus a 16-core Neural Engine for machine learning. "The performance increases that Apple reports are substantial, yet in many ways, the two laptops are more similar than different," he writes.
  • Howard Oakley explains How Unified Memory Blows the SoCs Off the M1 Macs. Apple's new machines "break many of the concepts that we have come to accept," he writes.
  • Canon has released the macOS version of its Webcam Utility Software.
  • In How NASA Photographers Capture History, Roger Cicala and Ryan Hill talk to photographers Norah Moran and Josh Valcarcel, who work for the NASA photography team.
  • LensCulture is Seeking New Voices in Art Photography. "There are no limits or definitions for this award, we're hoping to see all kinds of submissions from conceptual work and prints made for gallery walls, to images made from alternative processes, to totally new forms and formats that speak to our digital age." Deadline is Dec. 16 and you can enter one image for free, $10 for additional images, $35 for five and $45 for 10.
  • Kehl Bayern reports Forty Pct. of Tamron's Japanese Factory Workers in Aomori Asked to Take Early Retirement. "Tamron is reporting that is going to be quite a dismal year for it in terms of sales with a 58 percent drop being blamed partially on Covid-19," he writes. "Employees have between Nov. 10 and 20 to accept the voluntary layoff offer that Tamron has on the table."
  • In Why to Digitize Pictures Before a Mandatory Evacuation, Mitch Goldstone, CEO of ScanMyPhotos, recounts a close encounter with a raging wildfire in 90 mph winds. "For myself and a third of all Irvine, California residents, there was scarcely time to nestle people and pets -- two of the three P's [people, pets, pictures] and escape," he writes.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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