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16 November 2020

Adobe has announced a partnership program with photographers who specialize in various subject matters to provide free Lightroom presets and photography tips.

The first set of presets have been contributed by Sarah Crawford, who specializes in food photography; Rebekka Plattner, who captures pet photography; Aundre Larrow, a portrait expert; and Chris Hau, who specializes in indoor portraiture.


Lightroom presets are filters you can customize with your own photo editing adjustments. In this case, they also help you learn from the pros, applying sophisticated edits with one click.


The following four photographers have just contributed free presets (illustrated with before/after composites) and tips for Lightroom:

Food Photography
By Sarah Crawford

Crawford started her food blog in 2010, launched Foodtography School in 2017 and has helped over 1,500 students improve their photography.

Pet Photography
By Rebekka Plattner

Plattner specializes in pet photography, capturing images of her dog and three cats whether they are adventuring through the mountains or snuggling in bed.

Portrait Photography
By Aundre Larrow

Larrow, a 2017 Adobe Creative Resident, has turned his portraiture talent into expertise, capturing brilliant work that allows us to see the people in our world from a new perspective.

Indoor Portrait Photography
By Chris Hau

Hau, a photographer since he was eight years old, shares his photography tips on his YouTube channel.

Click the title to visit the preset page with tips and the preset download link. To view more images by the photographer, click their Instagram link.

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