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20 November 2020

We've lived in this part of town since 2003 and in all that time, the little triangular park down the hill on the way to the Muni Metro station has suffered from neglect.

The Department of Public Works owns the park. But they've never maintained it. A private gardener was hired by the owners of the surrounding buildings and he would mow the grass every month for a while but after they missed a few payments, he disappeared.

The place became an eyesore instead of an oasis.

The 80-year-old stone fountain was full of weeds instead of water, its stone crumbling like blue cheese. The flag pole from World War II was laid on the ground as a precaution.

After the park was used as a staging ground for some roadwork in the area, the nearby residents took the opportunity to apply for funds to refurbish the park.

Bordered by Laguna Honda Blvd., Vasquez Ave. and Balceta Ave., the park has been undergoing serious renewal this fall after getting funding from Supervisor Norman Yee's office. New turf was rolled out last week just in time for the rains. And that's just the beginning.

A group of volunteers led by Roberta Bechtel and retired investigative journalist Carol Dimmick, who has been involved in several other renovations in the neighborhood, has been spearheading the effort. Plans drawn up by an architect among the volunteers include separate botanical, kids play and dog run areas. The plan includes accessible pathways that wind their way to benches and a renovated fountain.

We've been following Bechtel's posts on Nextdoor, the neighborhood forum, as she reports on the recent progress at the park.

It will be fun to see the plans unfold in the upturned dirt over the next few months. We go by there all the time with a camera of some sort.

Watch this space, as they say.

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