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26 November 2020

Let no one suggest this is not a happy day. The windows have been flung open and healthy, fresh air is filling the room. It's a new day in America.

But with the coronavirus exploding again, it's also a new approach to Thanksgiving.

We've spent the holiday with friends and family in various combinations over the years and, as the side bar shows, illustrated our Thanksgiving piece with some delicious dishes.

This year, we're celebrating with a photo of Mom. We brought her a turkey breast, some fancy yams and a piece of pumpkin pie yesterday so she'd have a holiday meal. But we'll be celebrating separately this year.

She wears a mask whenever someone comes in the house. And while that list has been paired down to just essential visits since March, it's still requires quite a few people to keep our 93-year-old matriarch at home.

  • There's her friend who leaves a bottle of wine and some cheese and crackers on the porch when she shops at Trader Joe's.
  • There's our friend who does her grocery shopping and laundry each week.
  • There's the neighbor who brings in her three garbage bins every week.
  • There's another neighbor who calls her whenever she notices a delivery on the porch.
  • There's the home health nurse who takes vitals every week and chases down prescriptions.

It takes a village, you might say. And today that village feels the weight of oppression lifted from its shoulders as a new administration focused on solutions instead of slogans prepares to take office.

Mom lived long enough to see it. Even if, when she sighs with relief, it's through a mask.

Make no mistake. Despite the distant celebrations, this is a happy day.

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