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10 December 2020

Today we pause a moment to reflect on the extraordinary blessing of our double anniversary. It's our 45th year with Joyce and our ninth publishing Photo Corners.

It might seem incongruous to mention them in the same breath but they are not entirely unrelated. They have both made us a better person. It just took Joyce 36 more years.

We like to celebrate this anniversary by presenting a Susie Arioli vocal because on the night we published our first story on Photo Corners, we heard her singing When You Wish Upon a Star accompanied by a single guitar.

We were looking out the window (we'll never forget) at a crescent moon. And we thought, succeed or fail, we had done the right thing. To invest in our own capabilities instead of trying to help people who simply did not appreciate what we had done for them.

You don't get beyond the sea, as Susie Arioli sings to you this year, without knowing how to sail. And knowing how to sail means following the star of the sea.

Joyce has been our star of the sea. The star by which we navigate.

She's had an awfully tough year, losing her job in April, having much of her thigh removed in July, patiently going through the agony of Wound VAC dressing changes since then and now confronting more surgery to heal the deep cavity.

And that isn't half of it.

That little phrase "for better or worse" makes its way into wedding vows but doesn't figure much in our calculations. We tend to presume we'll enjoy the better most of the time and suffer the worse only in a passing storm.

But no day goes by without either its happiness or its clouds. And if you're lucky, in the evening those clouds only serve to make for a glorious sunset that is "unlike anything it has been compared to," as the poet Bashō once wrote.

You become, in short, a better person. Unlike anything you've ever been.

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