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Friday Slide Show: Tiny Angels Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

11 December 2020

Just as we were getting lonely around the holidays this year, we realized we have a whole squadron of angels on the mantel. They're easy to forget because they're less than an inch tall. Which isn't tall at all. It's small.

There are two identical sets of them. Joyce decorates the front room for Christmas every year but she leaves these guys with their unique gifts out on the mantel the whole year round.

You can never have too many angels.

You can never have too many angels.

We had an aunt who collected them. She would display them hung from a branch that was itself hung over her fireplace.

She needed lots of angels.

She was the first woman on kidney dialysis. And as such, a pioneer in the treatment of kidney disease. A good deal of what we know today about the effects of dialysis treatment was learned at her expense.

Her unflaggingly good spirits were no doubt buoyed up by those angels of hers.

In these difficult times, it's comforting to remember we all have our angels. They may be little things easily forgotten. Or apparitions with blazing swords. It doesn't matter.

They're on our side. And that's half the battle.

So if you find yourself short on angels this year, these are for you.

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