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21 December 2020

We'd like to pretend we spent all day implementing the latest feature on the site but the truth is we spent five minutes on it. It just took nine years to think it up.

We spent a lot of time working on ways for you to search the text on this site. There's a lot of text to search and you can be as surgical as you like slicing through the millions of words here to find what you want.

But this is a photography publication. How about an image search, Mike?

Frankly, the thought paralyzed us. Searching for images isn't easy. How do you tell a car from a house? Do you have to scan row after row of pixels of every image?

We had no idea.

But it occurred to us recently that we could piggyback on people who do have an idea and have already indexed the site, too. So we tapped into Google's image search to provide a site-specific image search.

Pop up the Find button on the index pages to select the Image Search option and type in what you're looking for. Like "red car" or "sunset" to give you a couple we tested.

Let us know if you run into any glitches. Should only take a minute to fix.

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