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Nikon Ends International Warranties for Nikkors, Accessories Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

9 January 2021

In a statement released yesterday, Nikon said it will no longer provide an international warranty for its Nikkor F and Z mount lenses and accessories like its Speedlights.

The company will instead provide "local warranties specific to the country or region of sale, or shipping destination." But it will continue to honor international warranties for products sold with one.

The company explained the change was necessitated by the difficulty of maintaining a single international warranty effective worldwide.

Following is the full text of the statement:

Notice regarding transition from international warranties for interchangeable lenses and accessories

Thank you for choosing Nikon for your photographic needs.

Nikon will no longer provide international warranty for Nikkor interchangeable lenses (F mount and Z mount lenses, mount adapters, etc.) and accessories (Speedlights, etc.), but will provide instead local warranties specific to the country or region of sale or shipping destination.

Until now, Nikon has attached its international warranty to interchangeable lenses and certain accessories. However, with the differences in regional laws and safety standards, it has become quite difficult to maintain a single international warranty that is effective around the world. We have considered a variety of options, but ultimately decided to begin the gradual transition from international warranties to regional warranties for interchangeable lenses and accessories in January of 2021.

If a product is purchased with an international warranty, that international warranty will remain valid for its full term, regardless of the date of purchase. If the product is purchased with a regional warranty, that warranty will remain valid for its full term. However, if any repairs are performed on that product in a country or region not covered by the warranty, the user is responsible for all repair fees, even if the warranty is still valid.

In addition, some countries and regions may be unable to accept products sold in other countries or regions for repair. Please consult with the repair center or a retailer or distributor in the applicable country or region.

For more information regarding this matter, please contact the Nikon Customer Support Center.

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