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Topaz Labs Releases DeNoise AI 2.4 Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 January 2021

Topaz Labs has updated DeNoise AI to version 2.4 and is offering the updated version for a discount through Feb. 12.


Highlights of the new release include:

  • Improved Low Light model. Better detail preservation through improved AI architecture and more training time.
  • Better raw support. Adds CR3 support and fixes some raw loading/color issues from previous versions.
  • Estimated processing time. See how long individual images will take to complete processing.

Other improvements include additional file support, color profile fixes, improved installers, improved Photoshop integration, better error messages, and an in-app quality rating system. For the details, see the Release Notes.


DeNoise AI 2.4 is available now directly from Topaz Labs for $59.99, $20 off the regular price through Feb. 12.

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