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5 February 2021

Climbing Twin Peaks this week, we happened to look up only to see Sutro Tower beaming down at us. We usually escape to this natural setting to avoid the mechanical inventions of our age. But what if, we wondered, we celebrated them this time?

Instead of focusing on rock formations and sweeping views and all that stuff, we trained our lens on the buildings below us and the towers around us. That yielded a surprising double take on our way back down the hill but it also gave us new subjects to flatter.

It didn't hurt that a storm had cleared the air and the sun was not competing with the clouds.

If you know the city, you'll recognize (in order of appearance) Lick Middle School, San Francisco General Hospital, Mount Diablo, downtown, Mission Dolores Basilica and the barn-like roof of the old mission next to it, Mission District homes, Market Street and the Ferry Building, San Bruno Mountain, City Hall and the Golden Gate Bridge.

That last is really a shot of the overlook with the scopes all removed. We don't know who removed them but we hope they are being repainted and polished for a return to service eventually. It was strange to see them gone.

Interspersed with those landmarks are a few other favorites from the hike.

It was a glorious day. We were glad to get out and happy to have brought a camera along.

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