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15 February 2021

Driving home from the hospital early this afternoon, Joyce asked us if the school up the block was closed today for Presidents' Day. In fact it was. But shame on us for forgetting the holiday.

Joe Biden. Official White House Photo by David Lienemann from Jan. 19, 2013. Canon 5D Mark III with 85mm prime at f6.3, 1/80 second and ISO 800.

We've developed an aversion to presidents over the last four years.

Why would you take the job if you weren't at all interested in doing it? we often wondered. And then again, Why, in first place, would you want a job you're no good at?

Well, we know why. To stay out of jail with the biggest immunity card in the deck. And, meanwhile, make money (something else he was never very good at before he got into politics, going bankrupt a handful of times).

But we are learning to love our presidents again. The Washington-Lincoln kind. The ones who didn't watch TV when faced with cataclysmic crises like the pandemic.

Biden has already changed the atmosphere in Washington, D.C. You almost wonder where this guy has been hiding all these years.

But, as with Washington and Lincoln, the times shape the man. It is hard to imagine anyone else answering the bell that now so mournfully tolls but Biden. He is the tonic the times demand.

After the second impeachment trial of his predecessor ended with 14 more votes to convict than acquit, we salute the incumbent for reminding us what public service is all about.

And once again putting it into practice.

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