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18 February 2021

As the shadows falling on the pavement reveal, the sun was to the right and in front of us as we climbed a short hill to Portola and looked south into St. Francis Wood.

Cloud Formations. Olympus E-Pl1 with 14-42mm II R at 26mm (52mm equivalent) and f4.5, 1/200 second and ISO 100. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

That angle dramatically lit up the clouds crowning the bushy trees of the elegant neighborhood. We stopped at first just to admire the scene and then pulled out our camera to line up the shot.

It isn't every day we see a crown of clouds.

The clouds were what first attracted us because they were monumental. But the greenery was the head upon which the crown of clouds lay, providing a compelling setting for the cloud formations. We've wondered before (When a Photo of Trees Is Really of Clouds) if we were shooting the clouds or the trees. It's an unanswerable question.

But one we always enjoy asking.

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