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15 March 2021

The temperature around here claims to be 51 degrees as the afternoon gets underway but it feels like 28 degrees in the unheated bunker. The winds are out of the Northwest at 32 mph, which certainly enhances the illusion.

Cold Sky. Nikon D300 with 18-200mm Nikkor manually focused at f5, 1/8000s second and ISO 200 with -5/3 EV in Aperture Priority mode. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Moments Later. A blush of color at f5.3, 1/125 second and 90mm and 0 EV.

And when the sun sets, it doesn't get any warmer. We are inclined to don our entire wardrobe for the evening.

Which certainly has an effect on how we photograph the astonishing cloud formations parading past our picture window these days. And that effect is to go monochrome.

Black and white. Cold and windy. Hand in hand.

We had been hoping for one of those glorious sunsets with golden rays bursting through holes in the clouds that are turning bright red against a golden horizon with blue sky higher up and some purple shadows on the clouds.

Well, not that night.

The marine layer muffled the setting sun. It was just like turning out the lights.

But not before the sun could float a blush of color behind the already dark foreground clouds.

We warmed ourselves with that image. But not a lot.

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