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22 March 2021

It's springtime at last in this hemisphere and the urge to do something is impossible to stifle (although it can be done with some effort, we've found). The signs of this are all around us but none was so inspiring as this tented building.

Renovate. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R at 27mm (54mm equivalent), f4.6, 1/640 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

The owners are probably just painting the place but when you paint a place, you do a lot of prep work that involves not just power washing the surface but scraping away loose paint, sanding and replacing dry rot.

So we're calling it Renovate.

As we passed by, the wind off the ocean had kicked up and the green cover was undulating like ocean waves from right to left. It was a mesmerizing sight.

The green cover was undulating like ocean waves from right to left.

It's an imposing building to begin with, that peak rising above two roof levels. And it sits on a hill that is ungardenable with a grade that seems to go straight up.

We doubt those wooden stairs are ever used.

They're the back stairs, by the way. You're looking at the rear of the building.

We had been on a trek to find that baby grand we regretted not taking a photo of last year. We did find it but the room was in shade and the piano's top was closed and covered.

Disappointing. But we will return.

On the way back, to distract ourselves from that defeat, we looked for a cover shot for our Web site, which we change every season. We needed a new one for spring.

And this is what finally caught our eye.

You can see we only used a crop, but it's a 100 percent crop of the green cover masking a couple of windows. Windows, we hasten to add, with a terrific view.

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