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30 March 2021

Between Feb. 26 and March 4, Rever conducted a Year Interrupted survey of 2,000 U.S. adults aged 18-55 to find out for Shutterfly how they had been taking, sharing and printing photos -- and what their plans are for sharing them when the pandemic is over.

"After all we've experienced the past year, the company wanted to explore how the pandemic has impacted people's feelings about taking, sharing and printing photos since March 2020," Shutterfly said.

The results were illuminating.

  • Two thirds said they have delayed celebrations of special occasions
  • Two thirds said they plan to make up for that post-quarantine
  • Three fourths "will definitely be taking photos" when they do

Those findings weren't very surprising but the next one may strike a chord:

  • Over half have looked at old photos to cheer themselves up
  • Fifty-two percent of parents looked at old photos and 43 percent of them shared them on social media

There was apparently some catharsis behind that behavior with many respondents citing a "social sharing stigma" during the lockdown.

  • Forty percent worried about showing themselves having fun during the pandemic
  • Thirty-seven percent of social media users posted less often
  • It felt inappropriate to share photos of a birthday (38 percent) or an engagement, marriage or birth (67 percent)
  • But 75 percent said they plan to resume sharing such images

Young couples were particularly distressed about this change in sharing behavior:

  • Two thirds delayed engagements or marriages until 2021
  • Fifty-eight percent who didn't delay engagements of marriage worry they'll forget these special occasion without photos of them

To encourage the photo taking, sharing and printing, Shutterfly is offering 50 percent off sitewide through Sunday, April 4, with the promo code SFLYSHARE50.

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