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2 April 2021

Our usual routine involves rolling out of bed at a certain predetermined angle and stumbling into the kitchen with the help of a wall or two to make a cappuccino. Armed with what will pass as breakfast, we tumble down the stairs rappelling along the handrail into the bunker to land in our office chair, swiveling around to the keyboard, the thick cappuccino froth preventing any drips. Then we go through the news.

When we've gotten through both the news and the cappuccino, we turn to our collection of photo bookmarks, which comprises dozens of sites that we rely on to produce interesting content. Not just for you but for ourselves as well.

We're quite disciplined about this. Nothing interrupts that routine until we've put together another Around The Horn. Then we exhale and see what we can do about the rest of the morning.

The first shot is no beauty but it sets the scene.

But the other day, we stopped short of the Horn when we looked out the window and saw the morning light. A slight mist was dissipating as the sun rose and the color of the air was changing from pink to gold to blue.

We grabbed the Nikon D200 with the 43-86mm zoom on it and, with little hope of actually capturing that color, took a few shots.

We were right. The DNG thumbnails weren't promising. But massaging the data in Lightroom, we approximated what enthralled us. Not perfect. But close.

We stayed outside for a bit to take a few shots in the garden at that hour since it was new to us. And we accidentally took a couple in the bunker on the way out and on the way back in.

The first shot is no beauty but it sets the scene. That's the light. It quickly changed into strong sunlight, as the lemons and poppies prove but then it was obscured momentarily from fog coming in from the ocean to the right.

That burned off in half an hour, though. But by then we'd seen the garden in a new light with an old camera and an even older lens.

We hope you enjoy them -- in this light.

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