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4 May 2021

Somehow we had an urge this morning to wander through the garden with a long lens before the sun had a chance to flood the foliage with light. Almost everything we shot suffered from camera blur but a few came through.

Promise. Nikon D300 with Vivitar Series I in macro mode at f5.6, 1/30 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop using the Trace Edges filter (something different).

This popcorn rose, for example. It was torn up and thrown in the debris pile just a few years ago before we replanted it and gave it a second life. Then it was trampled by a two-year-old escaping an uncle chasing him in the yard. But it survived.

It's the chance to do something different.

It blooms in bunches of small red roses from spring through fall every year. This year it has a strong central stock that promises even more.


Not in the sense of oral contracts, though. Something quite different. The promise of another day. The potential. The possibility.

It's the chance to do something different. To toss some blueberries, for a change, on the usual cereal swimming in a bowl of milk. Finish some task lingering on your desktop. Or take a walk after dinner as the sun is going down instead of watching TV.

The promise of another day, we thought in the chill of the garden, is simply that it is not going to repeat yesterday. Or even rush tomorrow.

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