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26 May 2021

Hasselblad has launched a video series titled Hasselblad's Home to take you behind-the-scenes at its headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden.

In the series you'll hear from Hasselblad designers and engineers about the thinking and processes behind the development of the company's medium format cameras and the philosophies underpinning the foundation of how it brings Scandinavian design and craftsmanship to creators around the world.

Episode 1: The Design Philosophy Behind Creating the X System

Hasselblad explains how it designed the X System using inspiration from past V System cameras and created a design language that could be applied to future models. Watch Episode 1.

Episode 2: The X System's Ergonomics, Materials and Hasselblad User Interface

This episode takes a deeper look into what went into creating the X System's deep grip and the different materials tested for it before choosing the final one, the materials used for the camera itself, button choice and placement, as well as the thoughts behind building the Hasselblad User Interface. Watch Episode 2.

Interviews. Elmekog, Liljeblad and Winge.

In addition, the company has posted three interviews with company employees. Those include Mathias Elmeskog, image quality team leader; Carina Liljeblad, production operator; and Eje Wingne, service technician.

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