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1 June 2021

We've just archived Volume 10, Number 5 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 23 Features, 10 commented News stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included 175 items of interest), no reviews and three site notes for a total of 61 stories.

Of those 61 stories, 22 included 122 images, two featured gear specification tables and five were obituaries.

IT WAS INDEED a rough month for obituaries. We've made it a point to cover the passing of fellow photographers here but each time we learn of one, our heart sinks. Then, as we research the departed, we are inevitably buoyed by the story of their life, their independent spirit, their contribution.

But five in a month is a bit much.

A bit too little is how you might describe the review output. We have three in progress but, as we've pointed out before, we're in no rush to resolve the issues we've discovered in the course of our testing. We can only promise you they're worth waiting for.

Our typical page views run about a million now, but with the Bing assault (one day, by our account), it was over 32 million pages.

The news has been more quiet than usual. There were 24 last year, 25 the year before and 24 the year before that. Only 10 this year speaks loudly of the industry's predicament.

Not our predicament, though. We published 23 Features compared to May 2020's 19 and May 1919's 17 to compensate. A bit.

READERSHIP FOR THE MONTH was certainly threatened by a barrage of Bing accesses very early in the month. We had to block them, as we noted in a site note, and even though that took care of the problem, the assault was so severe that we simply can't risk a repeat until the end of June.

That hurts us more than them but we hope by pointing out that their index will be out of date, you'll be forewarned.

Otherwise, the numbers were on par with last month, but we won't be making a big deal out of that. Our typical page views run about a million now, but with the Bing assault (one day, by our account), it was over 32 million pages.

You can see why we had to block them.

Even then, the figures are not yet complete for the month.

So, you may wonder, why is it we always point out that the stats for the month are not final when we write this monthly piece? Why don't we just wait until they are final?

Because we insist on publishing this piece as the first story of the month when we upload all the updated indices, headline pages, carousels and the archive itself. And we never get the report that soon.

OUR TOP STORIES were, oddly, our April archive story followed by two Around The Horn columns, our slide show Neighbors, another Horn and the matinee on The Photography Foundation.

That's a nice mix. But you'll notice they're all from the first half of the month, indicating our latest stories are still on most readers plates.

Take your time. We'll be here for you when you're ready. We always are.

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