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Friday Slide Show: Revisiting Triangle Park Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

18 June 2021

Last November, we featured a slide show of Triangle Park as it was getting a major makeover. "Watch this space," we recommended, promising we'd return to the park for another look when it was finished.

The months have dragged on. And while we wandered by several times a week, we never saw much progress and rarely anyone actually working.

But over time, the turf was rolled out and the cinder paths were laid down and the outer rim planted and that grass was mowed and the stone fountain painted and the yellow caution tape came down and before we knew it, Triangle Park was open again.

We've been surprised to find it very little used.

But we're happy to report it hasn't become a dog run. In fact, we haven't seen a single dog in the park yet (which is really saying something with dozens of dogs being walked twice a day in this neighborhood).

We haven't seen any kids playing on the grass either, though. And without even a single bench, there's nowhere to sit so that's out, too.

We did see a fellow there practicing his drone-flying skills but when he saw us, he navigated away.

We have made the trip around the park on its cinder path a few times. It makes us feel decidedly 19th century. But even in that mood, we're surprised not to find any plein air painters with their easels enjoying the scenery.

It's as if it hasn't yet opened. And perhaps it hasn't (the flag pole has not yet returned), although it certainly looks open. The wide variety of flora seem to be of the opinion that the show has opened.

So we indulged in a few updated photos one sunny day recently. You can appreciate the transformation, we think. It's one corner of the city that has shown a decided improvement.

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