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16 July 2021

In the middle of our Saturday afternoon siesta, which we take as seriously as a national holiday, we got a text from Little Brother. Hey, he woke us up, do you remember going to a game with Dad, me and one your favorite nephews?

That would have been quite a while ago, Dad having been called up to the Bigs of the Bigs 16 years ago. But we remembered.

And we had the pictures to prove it. In fact, considering the occasion, we have a print standing on a bookshelf just a few feet away from us. We sent him a quick snapshot of the print, which shows him, his son and his father in front of the big baseball glove along the rim of the stadium.

And we included a few recollections. Roger Clemens was pitching for Houston. And we ran into Baseball Mary who was celebrating her brother's 50th birthday.

Little Brother was grateful:

I knew we had taken him there. He doesn't quite remember but I did. I didn't want to insist without the goods. I remember showing him the little field. Distinctly. And Dad. It was a wonderful day.

Nephew was only five at the time. Forgiven. We sent a handful of our shots from the day.

Nothing reminds you like a photograph.

These shots from that game in 2005 were taken with a Nikon 990 digicam (the first five) and a Konica Minolta 7D dSLR (the rest). All, however, shot as JPEGs. Lots of blown highlights in the bright sun. Lightroom to the rescue.

Little Brother continued the chat, remembering how Dad used to get great seats from his friends with season tickets who knew he had four boys. And then we started some serious reminiscing.

"We could go on all day," Little Brother texted.

"I guess that was his plan," we replied.

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