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16 August 2021

Adobe has announced it is now accepting registrations for Adobe MAX 2021, the Creativity Conference, to be held as a free virtual event from Oct. 26 to 28.

"Join us for an extraordinary virtual experience to find inspiration, connect with creatives from around the world, and learn the best ways to bring your best ideas to life. Open to all, at no cost," the company notes on the MAX landing page.

Featured speakers will discuss design, photography, illustration, social media, 3D, video and more. The photographers who will be presenting include: Joe Allam, Robert Bartholot, Anna-Alexia Basile, Lisa Carney, Jaime Cody Rossman, Craig Daalmeijer-Power, Nigel French, Esther Havens, Tom Hegen, Kenneth Hines Jr., Tailyr Irvine, Aundre Larrow, Bea Lubas, Hilde Maassen, Anna McNaught, Monaris and Najihah Najlaa.

After registering, you can start building your personalized MAX schedule. A free Adobe ID account is required for registration.

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