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Adobe Releases Updates to Photoshop on Desktop, iPad Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

17 August 2021

In a blog post today, Pam Clark announced updates to Photoshop on the desktop and on the iPad. In addition, she announced a new Photoshop beta program that begins this month.


Photoshop on the desktop v22.5 include free Sky Preset Packs for Sky Replacement, improvements to Transform Warp and additional Discovery content.

The five free Sky Preset packs are available on Adobe's Discover site. "These presets include more than 45 photographs of sunsets, night skies, blue skies, storms and spectacular skies to use in your images," Julieanne Kost writes in her overview of the update. More information is available in a Creative Cloud article on installing and using the presets.

You can, of course, use your own skies. The new version permits imports of up to 5,000 at once.

Improvements to the Free Transform Warp include the addition of Bezier control points that can be independently repositioned. You can also quickly add split lines in a warp without resorting to the menu bar. And you can customize the color and opacity of warp guidelines.

A new Discover panel provides an easy way to find content relevant to what you're doing without leaving Photoshop. Starte a search using CommandF (macOS) or CtrlF (Windows) or click the search icon in the app bar header. Paul Trani demonstrates:

Kost also pointed out a number of hidden gems in the update:

The Photoshop team also made hundreds of small improvements and fixes across the application that improve performance, updated several of the Neural Filters (including Style Transfer and Superzoom), improved the Discover panel making it easier to find and explore relevant content from directly within the application, added additional Quick Actions in the Properties panel to help expedite tasks with a single click and introduced the new Photoshop Beta program (available via the Creative Cloud desktop application) to enable customers (like you!) to give feedback to the Photoshop team.


Photoshop iPad adds a Healing Brush, Magic Wand and Canvas Project.

  • The new Healing Brush works with either your finger or the Apple Pencil.
  • The Magic Wand Tool selects areas similar in color and tone with a single click.
  • With Canvas Projection you can share your canvas without the Photoshop user interface to an external monitor or TV connected via HDMI or USB-C.


In the blog post, Clark announced a new Photoshop Beta program, which debuts this month. The program provides a new way for Creative Cloud subscribers to give feedback to the Photoshop team.

"To get Photoshop Beta, Creative Cloud members can install it from the Beta section of the Creative Cloud desktop app. Look for Photoshop Beta and simply click Install," she writes. "To provide feedback, head over to the Photoshop Ecosystem Adobe Community and create a new post using the 'Beta' topic."

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