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Ode to Rosemary

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19 August 2021

There's been a lot of interest focused on the Field of Dreams site near Dyersville, especially after that dramatic White Sox victory over the Yankees in the corn fields. Which, you know, were knee high by the fourth.

Flowering Rosemary. Olympus E-PL1 with 14-42mm II R kit lens with +10 Lensbaby macro converter at f7.1, 1/160 second and ISO 200..

Shucks, we just got rosemary blooming 'round here.

But we share the sentiment with those Iowans who chalked the foul lines for the first major league game played in the state. Build it and they will come.

In our particular case, we're growing that rosemary and a few other things to entice pollinators to our property. Step up to the plates, bees. Take a swing at our rosemary.

But, as this macro shot shows, the bees did not suit up. At least not on the morning we were buzzing around the rosemary bush.

We usually see quite a few. They don't bother us and we don't bother them. And even though we sit within three feet of the rosemary bush to do a little reading in the sunlight, they don't even read over our shoulder.

We suspect the hive condominiums (seen in part in the detail below) a mile away have kept bees in our yard, although there may certainly be hives closer to us somewhere in the woods.

The bee population worldwide, though, has been dwindling. So we were cheered the other day to read that Cornell was making an effort to tackle the problem. They've developed a bee cocktail that helps the insects digest organophosphate-based insecticides. The insecticides are what have been killing off the bees in recent years.

If that works out as well as expected, there may be no need for any ninth inning heroics in this contest. The bees will triumph.

And our flowering rosemary will smell as sweet as corn to them.

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