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24 August 2021

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at an ICP exhibit, Mara Lazaridou, Miguel Casar, a free Kost course, how hang pictures, the Z System, the M1 chip, the Zoom Li-on III R2, the Godox Ving V860III and aPhotoCross Backpacks deal.

  • The International Center of Photography will presents INWARD: Reflections on Interiority, an exhibition of newly-commissioned photographs by Djeneba Aduayom, Arielle Bobb-Willis, Quil Lemons, Brad Ogbonna and Isaac West. On view Sept. 24 through Jan. 10, 2022, it focuses focusing on the work of these five emerging Black artists who have turned the lens inward to explore and capture the unseen moments of their lives during a time of unprecedented change.
  • Devid Gualandris showcases the fashion photography of Greek photographer Mara Lazaridou. "Found in revered magazines such as Elle, her emotive work is imbued with meticulousness," he writes. "With a keen eye for style, details and color, the photographer fuses minimal and romantic shots, resulting in sophisticated editorials and portrait series in which fashion takes center stage."
  • In Photography as an Instrument of Freedom, Heidi Volpe interviews Miguel Casar about a photography project he developed. "I think one of the biggest findings of this project, as I often find in my work, is both a recognition of the beauty and complexity of the human spirit and a simultaneous reminder of how flawed and mistaken are many of our assumptions of what is actually happening in the world," he says.
  • Julieanne Kost has announced her Photoshop 2021 Essential Training: Basics Course is now free on LinkedIn Learning.
  • Tim McKeough outlines The Stress-Free Way to Hang Art using a few simple suggestions. There are a few more tips in the comments, particularly about preserving plaster walls by nailing through painter's tape (which we, too, recommend).
  • In So What Do I Really Think of the Z System? Thom Hogan evaluates Nikon's mirrorless effort on its third anniversary.
  • In What's in an M1 Chip, and What Does It Do Differently?, Howard Oakley answers his own question. "As Apple prepares to announce its successor in the next few weeks, I thought it might be worth surveying the work which has been accomplished so far, to establish the baseline for future Apple Silicon chips," he writes.
  • Adorama is accepting pre-orders on the $229 Zoom Li-on III R2 for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus and Sony systems.
  • B&H is shipping the $229 Godox Ving V860III TTL Li-Ion Flash Kit for Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon and Sony cameras.
  • Think Tank Photo is offering a 15 percent discount on its PhotoCross Backpacks through the end of the month.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look back. And please support our efforts...

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