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1 September 2021

We've just archived Volume 10, Number 8 of Photo Corners on the Archive page with 19 Features, 10 commented News stories, 25 Editor's Notes (which included 166 items of interest) and one site note for a total of 55 stories.

That includes 21 stories with 120 images and two stories with gear specifications. There were two obituaries as well.

Again the most significant difference this month from a year ago is the drop off in News stories. While we've maintained our delivery of Feature articles and found the practice of photography vibrant enough to present roughly the same number of Editor's Notes, news developments have been few and far between.

We've served well over a million pages a month for five of the last six months.

We mentioned last month that some of our more faithful sources had dried up and gone away. That shows up in our Editor's Notes. You can see that isn't as serious an issue as the lack of news itself, however.

READERSHIP NUMBERS, despite being one day short of a full month's report as we write this, didn't skip any reports this month. So both unique sites and visits jumped up over last month and, compared to the numbers from Sept. 2020 through April 2021, show significant increases. May and June went off the charts when Bing started banging away on the site.

Suffice to say we've served well over a million pages a month for five of the last six months.

OUR TOP STORIES again demonstrate, as usual, that everything we publish is read by almost everyone (eventually) with stories published earlier in the month ranking higher than those published in the last few days.

The top ten for August, though, show eight Around The Horn stories with two matinees (in third and ninth place). Features and slide shows appear along with more Horns in the second ten along with an obituary and a news story.

IN OTHER NEWS, it's hard to believe it's been a year since we cracked open our antique Intuos mouse to repair a slipping scroll wheel. But it has indeed.

And we're pleased to report it's held up just fine this whole time.

Which, you know, could be said of the site in general and of us in particular. Thanks to your support, of course.

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