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10 September 2021

We haven't ventured very far from home with a camera for over a year now for a couple of reasons. But the stars aligned last weekend and we jumped in the car to return to the Bay Trail for a walk in the sunshine at the water's edge.

We took a shorter one-mile jaunt along the same part of the trail we visited in On the Bay Trail in 2017. And we saw much the same sights as then. In fact, we used the same camera and lens, for that matter.

We are, of course, four years older. And so is the bay. Not to mention Camera Raw embedded in Lightroom. And there was that smoke lingering in the air from the wild fires this time.

But it was such a pleasant diversion for a few minutes that we thought we'd invite you to revisit it with us here.

The color of the sky was problematic but it was the varied color of the bay that engaged us. The sunlight played with the vegetation while the birds competed with the planes from SFO for our attention.

We'd never seen a flock of pelicans before. Sure, three or five skimming a foot over the water looking for lunch, but not dozens swirling high above us.

And on the way back, we simply failed to stop a tern diving 30 feet into the bay to snare some unsuspecting fish. At 1/250 second, our shutter speed only caught a blur.

The roar of the planes on takeoff could now and then interrupt the lapping of the bay waters on the shoreline but the particulates in the air made it hard to get a clean shot. There seemed to be far fewer takeoffs and landings than there were four years ago, too.

We sat down halfway through the walk just to admire the peaceful place.

There weren't many other people walking but there were a fair number of cyclists zooming by on the paved path. But you won't see either in the slide show.

Our gaze was diverted elsewhere.

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