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13 September 2021

A long Monday was coming to an unsatisfactory end with little to show for it. Our grand designs ended up looking like nothing more than scribbles on a wet napkin. So we hitched up a camera and went out for a walk.

Before Day's End. Canon Rebel XTi with 18-55mm lens at 33mm (52.8mm equivalent) at f4.5, 1/1000 second and ISO 200. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

Apart from the health benefits of getting a few steps in each day, a walk provides the unique opportunity to peer into other people's windows. So we're always walking down the sidewalk with our neck twisted in one direction.

But crossing the street, we saw this glorious vision.

The afternoon sun was low enough to light up the potted plants as if they were on fire. The hedges bristled in yellow and green and the grass yielded only to a few large stepping stones.

But what caught our eye was in the window. A white orchid in the shade of the large room surrounded by windows whose blinds had been drawn but not quite shut.

How relaxing!

We imagined ourselves sitting just out of view in the that room, some classical music playing softly on the stereo, with some refreshment on the side table next to us and a book we had made it two-thirds through on our lap. Meet Me at the Museum by Anne Youngson, for example. Why not?

The day is ending but not the book, not the drink. And certainly not the orchid that would pirouette on its table if it could hear the music.

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