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Friday Slide Show: Two Gifts Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

15 October 2021

When you spend 28 days in the hospital, as Joyce just did, it's nice to come home to a few beautiful gifts. Among the ones cheering her up this week were two very different ones that suspiciously resembled photographic subjects.

We tried several different lens on our Nikon D200, like a Lensbaby Composer Pro with and without +10 macro converter and a Lensbaby Edge 80. But what you'll see here was taken with a 50mm f1.4 Nikkor used normally and also reversed for macro shots.

We shot in direct afternoon sunlight coming in the window and much of the time into the sun.

In Lightroom we relied on Dehaze to enhance the contrast of the old optic and a small bit of Saturation to excite the color in the glass. The flowers needed a lot of adjustment in Exposure and both Highlights and Shadows. But we could tell immediately when they popped into place.

The colors of both gifts seemed to go well together, so we interspersed them in the slide show. Together they gave us a nice fall feeling.

As we said, they were gifts. The flowers from a nephew and his spouse who visited one afternoon after attending a weekend wedding where everyone got pronoun pins. And the glass pumpkin, well, that's another story.

The pumpkin was blown by Vivian Rapp, our great niece, who took up the art in college last year. For one project, she turned a room into an aquarium by hanging glass fish from the ceiling.

She sent the pumpkin not long after Joyce went into the hospital but it remained unopened on the piano bench. The thought was that we'd save it until Joyce came home and she could open it herself.

That was agonizing for Viv, we suspect, but we did confirm the package had arrived here intact. Although it took us a week to get around to mentioning it.

But the first thing Joyce said when she finally got into the house and sat down was, "Where's the package?" And when she opened it, she was delighted.

So we thought we'd share these two beautiful gifts with you hoping they make whatever trial you may be enduring a little less trying. They certainly did that for us.

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