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18 October 2021

We had a little rain last night, just enough to dampen the dirt on the electrical transformers to cause them to blow out throughout the Bay area. We were spared again this time, although we've had our share of first-rain power failures in the dear departed past.

Evening's End. Nikon D200 with 43-86mm Nikkor at 86mm, f8, 1/4000 second and ISO 200.

When we sat down to dinner tonight, we gazed out at this landscape. The colors struck us as particularly medieval. And the clouds played their part, laying flat over the ocean.

We saw several contrails as we watched out the window. We had no idea where the planes were coming from or where they were going. From Hong Kong to Seattle? From Portland to Los Angeles?

Not a bird in the sky, though. They had all arrived where they were going for the night.

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