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22 October 2021

Earlier this week, we escaped. With Joyce home from the hospital, we were no longer commuting there every day. So we converted our commute time into a walk on a sunny day as a series of storms promised to come in over the next few days.

We had been taking little breaks. That's what our first photo is all about. A big thick book (that lasts, as Marvin Mudrick used to say) and a pair of sunglasses is our idea of a vacation. We go through that inviting door in the background to the sunny patio and read for a while.

But we needed some exercise. A long walk, not the short circuit around the block that we take with Joyce.

So we grabbed the Nikon D200 and the 43-86mm Nikkor and dropped it into a shoulder holster and escaped through that door.

We don't always come back with any images. They're there, of course, we're just not focused on them.

We don't always come back with any images.

So we weren't sure if we'd see anything that would get our attention. There would be a few Halloween decorations, we were sure, but a bright sunny day is not the most convincing setup for that kind of shot.

We didn't get far before a cloud formation behind a row of trees got our attention. It's been fog and clear skies for months so it was novel to see billowing clouds. We couldn't resist.

We also stopped for a shot across the street out toward the ocean of a front window that let us peek all the way through the house to the horizon beyond. This wasn't as successful an image as what we saw from our feet but it's a recurring theme. One day we'll get it right, probably the day we cross the street.

We succumbed to one shot of fall colors, too. We do get them here. The leaves changing color. Flaring up in orange, yellow and red. Another stuff shot to get just right, though.

And we're always trying to frame St. Cecilia's against the Farallones Islands or, lacking that, some ship at sea. We managed that but again it wasn't as persuasive an image as it was a sight to behold.

Our next failure was that shot of the grand piano we missed months ago and keep trying to get. When we first saw it, we were at an angle to the window, so there were no reflections. And the late afternoon sun was streaming from the other side of the house towards the window and us, lighting up the room. But what we loved about the shot was the curve of the piano top, which is not always open.

We imagine it has just played something like, well, this Interlude:

We got that but nothing else. So we'll return to try again. And probably have to explain to the cops why we keep coming around with a camera. We'll just point them to this story.

And explain that we don't, at first, succeed much. But we always try, try again.

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