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Friday Slide Show: After the Storm Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

29 October 2021

The convention is to document devastation after a storm. But devastation alone is not an accurate picture of a storm's aftermath. Yes, there are some twisted things to see but, walking around, what also strikes you is that some things did, after all, survive intact.

You tell yourself during an unnerving natural event that it will pass. That the sun will come out, birds will chirp and a light breeze will refresh you again. One day. Soon.

A walk in that sunshine only proves the point.

So this slide show isn't a tale of devastation. It's just s picture of a neighborhood in the wake of a storm. Some damage and some resilience.

We start on our own property which seems to have had the most damage in the neighborhood. A neighbor's garbage bin flew into our yard where the Weber barbecue top flipped over in time to catch both grills flying up.

On the other side of the yard 40 feet of an old fence came down. We congratulated our neighbor on her new deck. She was not amused.

Gardeners were putting in overtime.

A nearby street bordering Edgehill Mountain was closed. We suspect there was some storm debris from the hillside in the street. Branches no doubt. Maybe a small landslide.

During the storm, the Fire Department was busy. We heard sirens from Station 39 down the road all day and into the night. After the storm, the fire trucks shined in the sun.

We saw another old fence piled up in a yard. You can see both neighbors had recently replaced their fences. The redwood is still not gray.

We did see birds again but we also saw a rather confused Painted Lady butterfly hanging upside down.

A vacant building was the only place no one was affected.

We found it a bit uplifting to see open windows. Closed tight against the wind and the torrential downpour (which resembled power washing), they were now open to the air as if all had been forgiven.

The play of shadows on one home amused us. The greenery survived but still looked horrified.

One Halloween decoration seemed to think it could resist the storm. But not even the tree seemed to be spared.

A real estate sign for a vacant lot made us smile.

Gardeners were putting in overtime. There was a lot of debris to pick up. Our usual hour-long weekly clean-up took us three hours this week.

The image of several rows of houses shows a roof inspection in the middle of it. That's Edgehill Mountain in the background.

Many Halloween decorations were blown over but a few pumpkins, presumably put out after the storm, looked festive. A bike rider passed a flattened tree and we returned home by our neighbor's snapped tree trunk.

All signs of life. Going on.

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