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4 November 2021

We were whipping up dinner last night, a master of the Frozen and the Canned, imitating the finest restaurant dishes within half an hour in the kitchen, when we stopped dead in our tracks at the sight out the window.

An Eerie Sunset. Captured with the Nikon D300 and 18-200mm Nikkor at 62mm (93mm equivalent), f4.8, 1.15 second and ISO 800. Processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

You can see the ocean from the kitchen window. And what we saw was enough to run (and we mean run) down to the bunker to grab the D300 and its image stabilized 18-200mm zoom to document the eeriest sunset we've seen since we moved here in 2003.

We had much the same reddish glow into deep blue the night before but this time there was an ominous wall of clouds that were not fog on the horizon. It had a break in it about a third of the way in on the south through which more gold peeked through.

But the eerie thing was the Pacific Ocean itself. Laying just east of the incoming storm, it was, as its name attests, calm. In fact, along the shoreline it even seemed to glow.

By the time our steak was sizzling in the skillet and the table set, the curtain had come down on that show. And we sat down to dinner under candlelight.

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