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3 December 2021

As a Christmas card in 2019, Homen Iggesund mailed a 3D paper cutout to customers of its paperboard packaging products. Joyce's company at the time was among them, so she brought the little scene home where it has been on display ever since.

But we didn't turn it over until last night when we were photographing it up close for fun.

There on the bottom were instructions on how to start a light show on your phone and put the little paper scene on top of it. The white panels would then glow with a series of hues fading into each other.

We tried it and it still works. Greens, blues, yellows and back, over and over.

On the back of the little scene, Iggesund printed this message:

Shine a Light on the Forest

To us, the forest is not only a source of renewable raw materials but also a treasure chest of biological diversity and social value. The wellbeing of forests globally is critical to mitigating climate change, and we all share a common responsibility for it.

Go to to learn more.

You can still order the free card from Iggesund, as the link in their message says. The card was designed by Eric Hluchlan and Erin Fudge Smith from the U.S.-based print marketing agency Structural Graphics. Printed on Invercote Creato, both sides are coated with a silk finish with excellent printing properties. Printing was done by digital print with silver ink, die-cutting and Highcon laser cutting. The card was manually assembled.

And because it requires your phone for illumination, it has the added benefit of obliging you to "put your phone away for a while," as the creators put it.

This morning we had the brilliant idea to mimic the idea with a constuction of our own. But you could also find some popup card that is mostly white that would work as well, we thought.

And just use the Iggesund Lightcard light show, which has an embedded JavaScript program, to illuminate it.

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