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10 December 2021

Here we are again, nine years to the day after launching Photo Corners and, more importantly, 46 years together with Joyce. It's a funny anniversary. Unphotographable, as the song below sings.

We mentioned last year what a tough year it had been for Joyce. Little did we know this year would be no better. And just two weeks ago we found out it wasn't going to get any better than it is. Radiation damage had made it impossible for her large wound to heal itself.

Bad news preceded us nine years ago, too. We ended a 13 year association with no prospects because we refused to do business with a client we could no longer respect.

Then as now, the same principle prevailed. Respond to adversity with action. Do something.

The "something" we did then was launch this publication. And it has been a rewarding nine years, allowing us to pursue both our photographic and literary interests while demanding we keep our coding skills up to snuff developing the site and our content management system.

For Joyce, though, that "something" is more complex. We've responded to the bad news by redoubling our efforts to restore her ability to walk and resume the life she used to enjoy living. The pandemic has made that difficult and labor strikes have delayed important surgery but she keeps putting one foot in front of the other. That's doing something.

Funny anniversary indeed.

As you may know, we celebrate these anniversaries with a song by Susie Arioli. Nine years ago, with no prospects but our dignity intact and our first piece on Photo Corners explaining the situation, we looked out the window and saw a crescent moon as Susie Arioli came on the radio singing When You Wish Upon a Star with nothing but a guitar accompanying her.

For this anniversary, we present her rendition of My Funny Valentine, with a nod to Joyce certainly and to you for sticking by us.

The image accompanying this piece is a close-up of a glass flower created by Vivian Rapp for Joyce. It reminds us that when forged in fire, some things do not wither and die.

Not us. Not Joyce. Not you.

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