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14 December 2021

Adobe announced today that Photoshop on the iPad will soon include two new tools with the December 2021 (version 3.1) release.

On its What's New in Photoshop blog, it described the new tools:

  • Smudge Tool: Add more fun to your day with the Smudge tool. Mix and blend your work with a smudge effect that simulates painting in real life.
  • Sponge Tool: Make your images pop and shine with control and precision. The Sponge tool soaks up or squeezes out color with a simple brush stroke.

Both the Smudge and Sponge tools will be grouped under the Adjustment tools in the toolbar.

The blog links to a feature summary with more detail and a demonstration.


Two other enhancements accompany the release:

  • Set white balance in Camera Raw images
  • View labels added to tool icons in the Workspace


Issues fixed in this release include:

  • Fixes for issues related to Smart Object conversion, Camera raw import, and Dodge and Burn tools
  • App crashes when using spot heal tool on an adjustment layer

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