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13 January 2022

We spent 28 years living in the dark lower flat of a building surrounded by three-story buildings that convinced us the sun set around 2 p.m. each day. Now that we have a clear view of the Pacific Ocean (when the fog permits), we have an entirely different opinion about sunset.

Sky on Fire. Nikon D300 with 18-200mm Nikkor at 70mm (105mm equivalent) and f8, 1/15 second and ISO 720.

This one, captured at 5:31 last night, compares with the 5:30 shot of the night before. That one was a painter's palette of color. This one scared us with its livid reds.

We were sitting on the couch streaming a BBC show we'd missed over the weekend when we looked across two rooms and saw the conflagration. We hit Pause and dashed down to the bunker to get the D300 to record the scene.

It occurs to us that one great consolation of growing older is being able to see more sunsets.

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