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28 February 2022

We haven't at all minded revisiting our color image of Una Selva Oscura from last week. It takes us right back to that moment when the path stretched wide before us. And beckoned with a set of steps.

It harkened back to illustrations of Dante's The Divine Comedy but we didn't purse that path last week. In subsequent days, though, we have. It's been illustrative, let's just say.

We did, right away, try a black and white version of the image. While we found it charming enough, we much preferred the color version.

But then we thought about converting it into an engraving.

So we ran it through the Ink Outlines filter in Photoshop and made a few adjustments to the treatment until we liked what we saw.

We didn't stop there, though.

We opened it in Photoshop's Neural Filters option and applied a green Color Transfer to it. We're not at all sure what's neural about that. It's the last option in the matrix of previews in the filter. And it resembles a flat color background to the black ink outlines, nothing more.

But we liked it.

So we thought we'd run them by you, just for fun.

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