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28 March 2022

We are used to seeing things on the side of the road around here. Often, it's clear they are discards. Either landfill or the unwanted booty from a recent theft. Life in the big city, as they say.

Dolls on Portola. iPhone 6 Plus capture processed in Adobe Camera Raw.

But this scene made us stop and take out the camera.

It could be these dolls were discarded somewhere along Portola. Or they could also have been jettisoned evidence of a crime.

But it seems someone passing by rescued them from the gutter, setting them out on one of two weathered benches on a long strip of green space that borders the road.

In fact, the tallest doll seems protective of the one that hasn't been dressed.

An act of kindness, perhaps, the passerby remembering her affection for her own dolls long ago and extending some comfort to the child who has lost these by taking as good care of them as one possibly could by the side of the road.

Rain was forecast for that evening and it came in a wind-driven deluge. We hope these cherished companions of someone's childhood were retrieved before then.

It would break our heart to walk by again only to find out otherwise.

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