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Friday Slide Show: The Neighborhood in Bloom Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

15 April 2022

It was cold but it was sunny. It was windy but it was clear. We decided to brave the unfavorable elements in favor of the favorable ones to capture a few images of the neighborhood in bloom before the weekend storms blew in.

But, as we walked down the hill toward the village, it wasn't just blooms that attracted our eye. So we expanded our vision to include other delights.

One of our favorite lenses for rendering color is the Lensbaby Twist 60. But we put it on a Micro Four Thirds camera with a Lensbaby Tilt Transformer (which is a poor guy's adapter) because it's a full-frame mount, not a Micro Four Thirds mount. We lose the "twist" effect along the outer edges of a 35mm frame but, frankly, we don't miss it.

And, on a Micro Four Thirds camera, that 60mm focal length is a 120mm crop. A cheap telephoto, in short. We could dine on telephotos the rest of our shutter snapping days. Especially if they are cheap.

It does require manual focusing and, to our chagrin, we noticed only later that the diopter adjustment on the optional EVF was slightly off. That and the wind account for the slightly less than perfect focus on these. But you can't beat that color!

Apart from the cherry blossoms, tulip, calla lily, wisteria and occasional tea rose blowing in the wind, we have no idea what these varieties are. Except that we do know they are neighbors.

And, as such, we plan to visit them now and then to see how they're doing. After the storms pass through, that is.

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