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On Easter During Passover Through Ramadan Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

17 April 2022

For the first time since 1991, Passover, Easter and Ramadan are occurring simultaneously. This, you would think, would put most of the world at peace. But it is clearly otherwise in 2022.

The big concrete cross on Mount Davidson was lit up by flood lights from below and a full moon above. But the eucalyptus trees surrounding it have grown so thick we haven't been able to see it from the house for years now.

The light just doesn't penetrate the darkness any more.

And yet, the mail brought an Easter greeting from a dear friend in Houston. When we got up with not a single hard-boiled egg in the house, we decided to photograph the colorful card's flower pattern arranged in the shape of an egg for today's Holiday feature.

But rather than simply show it as an egg, we thought we'd get in too close to see the whole and focus on a narrow band of the flower pattern. The details.

Today may be a day to look beyond the generalities of war, politics and religion to the small details, the little things, that bind us together. A thoughtful word, a kindness, a sympathetic ear.

We are a suicidal species. Only we can save us from ourselves.

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