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20 May 2022

It seems like it's been years since we hiked up Twin Peaks. But it's only been since it has been reopened to traffic on the south side.

We didn't want to bike up because we'd have to wear a mask and biking with a mask seemed too strenuous. A walk, on the other hand, could be done with a mask but since the hill had been reopened to traffic, it had also been reopened to crime.

Sometimes, though, you just gotta do what you gotta do.

We were happily surprised to see the hill was being regularly patrolled by the police, with one car remaining at the bottom of the hill by the gate. So if something were to occur at the summit, the patrolling car could radio down to shut the gate.

We didn't feel unsafe, but on the way down we did find a smartphone that had been tossed over the guard rail. A robbery? Perhaps. Or a lovers' quarrel. The screen had been smashed.

Reassured, we turned our attention to the sights, which are as changing as they are familiar. Berries bursting to life, grass bending in the wind. A girl flying a kite, hikers catching their breath at the summit. Graffiti for Ukraine against a city painted blue by the light.

We captured a couple of souvenirs, too.

The photo of Market St. depicts our recent daily ride to St. Francis for two months and the shot of Coit Tower is actually centering St. Francis hospital itself, our destination.

And there were less personal captures as well.

The fog rolling in from the south. The Golden Gate Bridge and Robin Williams Tunnel to the north. A deck squeezed into the sun. An umbrella in the middle of a busy neighborhood.

So familiar. Always different.

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