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20 June 2022

In this recurring column, we highlight a few items we've run across that don't merit a full story of their own but are interesting enough to bring to your attention. This time we look at Dayanita Singh, Mimi Plumb, Arianna Lago, Adrian Alvarez, Alex-Michel Ngningha, shooting monochrome, Mapplethorpe and Wagstaff, Central Camera and Apple's M2.

  • In Images You Can Smell, novelist Orhan Pamuk considers Dayanita Singh's "black and white images of India's vast state archives, storerooms and registry offices."
  • In The Golden City, Joanna Cresswell reviews Mimi Plumb's new photobook of black-and-white images of San Francisco. "One of The Golden City's most alluring qualities is that it opens in the daytime and closes in the nighttime, with the last third of the book shot after dark," she writes.
  • Beauty Is Found in the Unexpected for Italian photographer Arianna Lago, writes Devid Gualandris. "Relishing the details, she creates images that are soft yet beguiling and wonderfully precise."
  • The Long Hunt is Adrian Alvarez's long-term project in the thinly populated area of northern Spain. He's taken eight trips to the region in four years. "The first time I experienced it, the word I would use would be 'overwhelming.' The colors, the costumes, the agitation and excitement, the noise, the trance," he says. "The second time, I was a bit more aware of what I was going to find there; so the experience was deeper and far richer."
  • Alex-Michel Ngningha tells How a Wedding Made Me Not Miss My dSLR. The Canon mirrorless wedding photographer was a wedding guest when the photographer hired to document the event was felled by food poisoning. He stepped in but had to shoulder a Nikon D850.
  • Kirk Tuck reveals his method of shooting Black and White in the Age of Digital. But you can get the shooting experience he covets and more editing flexibility by shooting Raw+JPEG, not just JPEG set to black-and-white.
  • In The Queer Power Couple That Changed Photography, Andrew Kersey writes, "As power couples go, the combined cultural resonance of artist Robert Mapplethorpe and collector, curator and patron Samuel J. Wagstaff, Jr. is hard to overstate or even untangle." The Samuel Wagstaff papers and the Robert Mapplethorpe papers and photographs are housed in the Getty Research Institute's special collections.
  • Mike Johnston reports Central Camera Reopens on Chicago's Loop "thanks to almost $230,000 in donations." The store was burned and looted in rioting after the death of George Floyd in 2020.
  • Dan Moren wonders When Will Apple Bring the M2 to Its Other Macs? Not for a while, he concludes.

More to come! Meanwhile, here's a look five years back. And please support our efforts...

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