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Flying Meat Releases Acorn 7.2 Share This on LinkedIn   Tweet This   Forward This

22 June 2022

Flying Meat has updated Acorn, Gus Mueller's image editing software for macOS to version 7.2. The new version, which adds support for Shortcuts, is a universal binary with native code for M1 chips.

The company said it is also taking Shortcut requests from Acorn users.


Highlights of the new version include:

  • Shortcuts support: Apply filters and filter presets, crop, flip, resize, rotate, auto enhance, change color profiles, new image from clipboard and trim images.
  • New text box vertical alignment options: top, middle and bottom
  • New "Auto Enhance" item under the Layer menu for bitmap layers. This action will improve skin tones, saturation, contrast, shadows and repair red-eyes or LED-eyes
  • The Histogram filter (which shows a histogram for the current layer) now has a "High fidelity" checkbox. This uses all the pixels in the layer to calculate a histogram, at the cost of being a little slower
  • New option in Layer Export where you can crop a layer's bounds to the canvas size
  • New "Lossless" option when exporting images as WebP
  • New "Matte" filter which will add a colored background to a layer with any transparent areas
  • You can now choose "Bicubic" as a scaling algorithm when resizing an image
  • New "make new document from Clipboard" AppleScript command
  • New Command Bar actions: "New Image From Selected Layers" and "Delete Hidden Layers"
  • New layers list contextual menu: "New Image From Selected Layers"

See the full release notes for more.

Version 7.2 requires MacOS 10.14 Mohave or above, including MacOS 12 Monterey.


The $39.99 image editor on sale for $20 and is also available as a 14-day free trial and may be purchased directly from Flying Meat. The company also offers Retrobatch, an intriguingly powerful batch image processor also on sale for $20.

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