Hello mikepasini.com

This is my Hello page, a concept popularized by Alastar Johnson. He explained the idea:

What if I created a single page on my website, and just listed the ways that I prefer to keep in touch and why? A kind of 'rules of engagement'. That way, anyone could get in touch with me, and vice versa, without needing to rely on algorithms, or guesswork as to which platform would be best.

So here is how I prefer to keep in touch -- and why:

  • I prefer to communicate via email. Business email separately from personal email. This keeps interruptions to a minimum while I'm concentrating on my work.
  • You can see my work on my Website where I publish Photo Corners six days a week.
  • In addition to an RSS feed for Photo Corners, I use LinkedIn and Twitter/X as a feed too. But I do not correspond on either of those platforms.
  • In fact, I do not use any closed platform (members only) like FaceBook for communication. Email me (see the first bullet).
  • I have an Instagram account but it features absolutely no images. This is my little way to poke fun at closed systems. It has 15 followers.
  • I am active on the Keyboard Maestro forum where I have posted my own macros as well as contributed solutions.
  • My least favorite means of communication is the phone. Don't ask.

If I think of anything else, I'll tell you. Here.