portrait We've worn a lot of hats in our career. Depending on the hat, we've dressed in a three-piece suit, a sports coat, overalls, T-shirt and jeans. So we've naturally written resumes to match the hats, too.

Editorial Work

We've had extensive experience covering technical and financial beats, streamlining the editorial workflow with custom software, managing contributors, determining coverage.

Editorial Resume

See also: Photo Corners and Published Reviews

Recruiters Note: Our resume is a good place to start and the list of our published reviews provides a wealth of links to clippings, which is even more true of what we've published in our publication Photo Corners. Preferred contact is by email.

Software Development

We've written software -- everything from utilities to full-blown applications -- for Unix, MS-DOS, Mac OS and the Web. And some of our applications have been hosted on several of those platforms.

Developer Resume

See also: Software Applications and Services

Recruiters Note: Our resume is a good place to start and the list of our software applications paints a complete picture of what we've done. We think your client will also find it helpful to know how we did it by reading the case studies linked in the description of select applications. Preferred contact is by email.


We shot movies in high school, became a lithographer after college and took up still photographer as a young adult before persuing photojournalism, product photography and fine art photography. Our library of digital images now exceeds 50,000 photographs.

Photographer Resume

See also: Friday Slide Shows and Behance Portfolios

Recruiters Note: Our resume is a good place to start. Our Friday Slide Shows give a good sense of our photographic style while the Behance Portfolio collects editorial images from Photo Corners, our publication on photography. Preferred contact is by email.