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21 August 2014

We added our persistent right-hand navigation tab to our Archive and older Headlines pages in May. So by now we've gotten used to them. So used to them, we wished they were on the main Headlines page.

To see headlines from anything older than the previous month, you had to scroll to the bottom of the Headlines page to find the links. Because, well, we thought that's where you'd be anyway.

Except we were not always there. We wanted a way to quickly jump to our 2013 Headlines without scrolling to the bottom of the Headlines page.

So we've added a Headlines navigation tab to our Headline page. And tossed in a link to or monthly Archive as well, so it's always handy too.

We also dropped the rounded corners and highlighted only the left side of the tab. We do use rounded corners on our table of contents links within stories but without a border. The new approach is more in keeping with the overall design.

It's a little thing. A little thing we hope you like.

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