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21 October 2014

As we were detailing the steps involved in creating a contrast mask in Photoshop, it occurred to us that our standard and sponsor level subscribers might enjoy the same action we used in our Editing the Beach Chalet Murals.

Then we thought we'd toss in a couple of our other favorites to round out the initial release.


The initial release (Oct. 21, 2014) includes the following three Actions:

  • Contrast Mask to open the shadows and recover highlights
  • Highlight Mask to recover highlights
  • Enlarge 110% to enlarge an image repeatedly with the least loss in quality

The advantage of the two tonal masks is that you can manipulate them further either by painting on them for local corrections or using any of Photoshop's tone editing tools for global corrections. The Beach Chalet story is a good introduction.


It's not an extensive set but it's three of the most useful Actions we've used over the years, so we're distributing it as part of our standard level Subscriber Benefits, which sponsors also enjoy.

If you're a standard or sponsor level subscriber, just email and the reply will have the script attached.

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