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1 August 2015

All 94 stories in Volume 4 Number 7 of Photo Corners have just been neatly archived into a tidy table of contents for July. It took a little longer than usual because 94 stories is 14 more than we've ever published in one month.

Still, we didn't break a sweat. Our static publishing system is very efficient, getting out of our way so we can focus on content not the mechanics of posting something. That goes for everything we publish: reviews, features and news stories.

The breakdown was revealing, too. We published 21 Features (where we usually manage 14), 44 commented news items (up from 33 last month), 24 Editor's Notes (including at least 96 items of interest), four reviews and one Site Note.

We've come to consider our Around The Horn stories as a daily report. We confess we didn't think there would be at least four interesting things to read every day, but it's turning out that way. The Web is full of talent.

Just for fun, we took a look at which stories from June were being read at the same rate as our July stories. Quite a few, it turns out.

OUR MOST POPULAR STORY was Apple's release of Camera Raw Update 6.05, perhaps for the download fix mentioned in the comments. It was closely followed by the CharlesH Harbutt obit and the Zumba photo contest announcement. Go figure. To music.

Our matinees scored highly, too. We tracked the most recent for a few days to see how many more views it received after our story. It got a very healthy dose of additional attention, which we were glad to see. It's not just bots around here.

For our money, the Polaris Karat review is not be missed. As a late post this month, it hasn't hit the top 10 but we expect it to. The test drive of SilverFast 8.5 earlier this month did score highly and a good thing. It led to a revision we've been testing that addresses the issues we brought up.

Our Friday slide shows remain popular too. They're great fun for anyone who can't get out and about, which is why we started them, but we hope they are also enlightening to anyone who, with a camera, can get out and about.

Just for fun, we took a look at which stories from June were being read at the same rate as our July stories. Quite a few, it turns out. They were lead by our Phase One XF review and followed by Can Decay Be Beautiful? and our iXpand review, among dozens of others.

Again, we're seeing that everything we publish gets read. And not just when it's hot off the press. A few pieces do get read more than others, of course, sometimes twice as much. But nothing is ignored. Which means we're doing our job.

READERSHIP stats finally had an uninterrupted month of data. Our service provider dropped one or two days from the previous two months so we were never sure what the real numbers were. Not this month.

Final figures weren't in as we wrote this on the last day of the month, but we'd already exceeded unique visitors in the past year, which is a historical high as well. It was an increase of 113 percent over last month, which had two missing days.

And among those unique visitors we saw a good number using iOS 9 already. We hope they were testing the new News app, tweaking it to show us off at our best.

SITE TWEAKS were modest this month. But there were a couple.

We implemented a jumbo image size for our San Francisco panorama, a 700-pixel wide image where 500 pixels had been the limit.

And we revised our support pages (the Contact, Sponsorship, Subscription, Feeds and About pages), updating the text and removing unused Javascript files.

We do need a favor, though. Your support.

We try to make that easy by providing a variety of options, something for everyone, as we like to say about our editorial coverage.

Spread the word about Photo Corners to help build our audience. Use our sponsored links, starting your shopping from our affiliate banners. Subscribe (there are benefits). Cajoling your company into sponsoring this publication.

Thank you in advance.

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