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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

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31 October 2019

One of the pleasures of living on the same block as a grammar school is, well, the kids. Today, for example, they came to school in their Halloween costumes. We observed them from our luxury box suite as we stirred the molten cauldron of our cappuccino.

There were the usual suspects. Witches, Spiderman, ballerinas, princesses, ballplayers. A few kids with mustaches and beards.

Then there were the more elaborate costumes.

A few of these were inflatable. A Tyrannosaurus Rex, for example, with a driver's window in the neck. And a dragon you wear on your waist where instead of a belt there's a pair of pants so it looks like you're riding the dragon.

If you think those would be awkward sitting through Geometry class, imagine how the full-size banana felt. The bottom bent, like the top, forward so you could sit down. Theoretically.

One Roman emperor, one airline pilot. A few parents dressed up too, although we could be mistaken. We might have just been looking at kids dressed up as parents.

Past years are not forgotten, we can tell you. There was a kid who dressed up as an iPod long ago and another who came as a traffic signal. And one kid who dressed like a checkout person at the local market.

Our favorite of all time, though, was the tiny little sibling in black tights and a tutu who came as a bee with little wings and a stripped shirt. She hopped back and forth up the sidewalk.

During our daily constitutionals this week, we've been admiring the decorated houses that lure the little ones to the door with promises of candy. We always take a camera and we were charmed by the front window above yesterday.

We're not sure that would lure anyone in, except in a costume emergency. In that case it might be considered a form of roadside assistance. But it's still not a comforting thought.

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